Directly from the hills around Pienza
An oil with the taste of tradition

Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a land suitable for the cultivation of olive trees. Since the first half of the 19th century, the Fregoli farm has been working with love and dedication on the cultivation of the olive trees in order to offer you a top quality product.

The Olive Oil Mill and the Farm

In the hearth of one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, characterized by a hilly landscape and awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the village of Pienza is the place where the Fregoli Farm was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. At that time, the milling was carried out by machinery operated by pack animals, rustic millstones were used for olives pressing and the olive oil extraction happened over time. The Farm, with its 400 ha (988 ac) of cultivated land, is one of the oldest and largest farms in the whole Orcia Valley.

Nowadays, a lot has changed. The evolution of machinery and technology allowed to refine techniques, but without loosing the link to tradition, thus allowing to create an extra virgin olive oil which is the perfect combination of tradition and technology – for both the producer and the consumer.


2. Milling

A hammer crusher starts breaking olives’ and kernels’ cell membranes, creating the so-called olive paste that a Wenge single screw pump carries to the kneading mill.

2. Coalescence through kneading

Inside the kneading mill tanks, a mixing process kept at a controlled temperature below 27 °C (80,6 °F) – the so-called cold extraction – supports the coalescence process between oil and water molecules.

3. Olive must extraction

By means of a centrifuge, the liquid part, that is to say the water-oil emulsion, is separated from the solid part by specific weight.

4. Separation

Vertical centrifugation is the system used to separate the oil from the water, that are divided into two different liquids due to their different density.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) extra virgin olive oil

Thanks to a combination of factors ranging from the pedoclimate typical of the environment, the varietal types, the cultivation and manual harvesting systems, to the milling in the own oil mill equipped with Pieralisi’s state-of-the-art continuous cycle machines – whose technology allows the cold extraction by means of the automated temperature control in the kneading mill below 27 °C (80,6 °F) – it is possible to obtain a high-quality product with a strongly marked peculiarity. It is a product deriving both from the peculiarity of the chemical-physical characteristics (low acidity, quantity of polyphenols, etc.), and from the organoleptic properties defined by the sensory analysis that determines its outstanding aroma, smell, taste and absence of defects.

The growing interest of the market in the PDO products is due to the accession to and respect for the PDO regulations by the Consortium for the protection of extra virgin olive oil "Terre di Siena", which jointly pursues qualitative growth at all stages of the production line (extraction, milling and bottling) and the consumer protection.

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